It is the hope of this house whose membership is made up of volunteers in the Klang Valley area to provide service and to further strengthen their love for those in need especially orphans, the poor and the disadvantaged besides providing attention and compassion to them.

Based on this responsibility and hope, this house took steps to establish an orphanage, as well as in Shah Alam, Selangor known as Rumah Cahaya Kasih Bestari. This house is a source of inspiration for the community to create a caring community


  1. To be a 'place of refuge' that illuminates the underprivileged children and ensures that the children of Rumah Cahaya Kasih Bestari can have a better life for their future.

  2. To defend the destiny of the less fortunate is to become a member of a society that can build and defend the nation and the family.

  3. It is hoped that the children of Rumah Cahaya Kasih Bestari will be able to inculcate positive values of their family and their friendship of friendship so that they will not give up when they leave this house.

  4. To see more of Rumah Cahaya Kasih Bestari's children succeed in education and succeed in furthering their education in higher education institutions.

  5. More are willing to donate to the Rumah Cahaya Kasih Bestari Management Fund to fund the lives and learning of children here and welcome donations in the form of money and material.


  1. Contribute service to the community, especially the orphan and poor who have not received the attention and protection.

  2. Emphasis on learning to achieve a better standard of living.

  3. Apply positive family values to stem future social problems.

  4. Support the concept of caring and caring society.


Children who are eligible to stay in Rumah Cahaya Kasih Bestari are made up of orphans and poor families. However if the child is an orphan, the economic criteria of the heir are important.

Priority will be given to children from the Klang Valley area and Kuala Lumpur before receiving it from other areas. In the case of applications from other districts in the State of Selangor or Malaysia, the case will be considered on the merits of the Rumah Cahaya Kasih Bestari Management Committee.

All children must go through the process of taking the children in accordance with the existing procedures in Rumah Cahaya Kasih Bestari and have the approval of the Rumah Cahaya Kasih Bestari Management Committee.


  1. Donations / Donations of the community around the Klang Valley

  2. Donations from factories around the Kampung Melayu Subang Industrial Area.

  3. Through special projects undertaken by staffs of the Darul Hanan Management and Volunteer committee such as Ramadan Charity Charity Sales, Used Items Sales and Charity Night Table Sales.